Robert Doisneau (April , 1912-April, 1994) was born in the suburbs of Paris. He entered a craft school at the age of 13, where he made his first contact with the arts. He also studied life-drawing and still-life in evening classes. Doisneau became interested in photography in 1929 and in 1934 he began working professionally. He worked for Renault until he was fired in 1939. In 1939, he decided to become an independent photojournalist, but was called by the French army, where he served until 1940. He then worked for the "Resistance" until the end of the war. In parallel, he produced postcards to earn a little money. In 1949, Doisneau signed a contract with Vogue, for him he worked until 1952. As of 1952, he started working as a freelance photographer. Robert Doisneau's photographs were ones of common people, in common situations. He liked to wander in the streets of Paris suburbs, and to take his photographs as he went. His most famous photograph, Kiss by the Hotel de Ville, is a good representation of his style.